Advanced Dentistry


EMA veterinarians have received advanced training in dentistry and are fluent in the theories and techniques of modern dentistry. Horses are sedated, a thorough oral exam is performed, and motorized tools are used to correct dental abnormalities and balance the mouth. 

Why do horses need dentisry?

Horses teeth grow continuously (approx. 3mm per year), and as their teeth grow and wear, sharp points form. These sharp points can cause injury to soft tissue structures in the mouth such as the gums and tongue, which results in pain and discomfort. Additionally, abnormalities in the shape of the teeth can develop, such as ramps, hooks, wave-mouth, etc. These abnormalities get worse over time, and left uncorrected can lead to early tooth loss, pain in the TMJ joint, and inability to chew food.

How often does my horse need a dental?

The average horse with no major dental abnormalities needs their teeth done every 1-2 years. Horses with severe malocclusions may need dentals as frequently as every 6 months.